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Zeynep Turudi, founder of Truede wanted to bring this delicacy to the UK: ‘With Turkish roots, my parents always brought back real Turkish Delight to the UK to give to all our friends and neighbours.


I decided to research the UK market to see if there was a gap in the market for a quality Turkish Delight brand, which of course there was.’ We use authentic recipes, some of which date back over 500 years. These recipes also have the benefit of being made from natural ingredients.

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Turkish Delight

There’s nothing better than real Turkish Delight, one of the oldest sweets in the world and the product of many legends. Pablo Picasso used to eat it on a daily basis to aid his concentration. Both Winston Churchill and Napoleon were considered admirers of the delicacy.


Roasted Chickpeas

Simple ingredients, bursting with flavour. That’s always been our mission and you can see it in our range of roasted chickpeas. Our chickpeas are an excellent nut and gluten-free source of protein and fibre.

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