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Founder & MD

Mistik Spa

Mistik Spa believes in offering customers a therapeutic spa experience, without the use of harsh chemicals that are present in the cosmetic industry. All products use natural ingredients, and are significantly greener than other products in the body and skincare industry.

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Founder & MD

Truede LTD

Truede’s vision is to create products using natural ingredients and authentic, traditional recipes that never compromise on taste. We take into account the increasingly complex dietary needs of our customers to ensure that everyone can be delighted by our products.

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Co Founder & MD

LGM Consultancy

“ Together we reach the goal “ LGM Consultancy guides companies who require support in growing their products and brands in the UK, researching the right market for their brand.

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09 Nov


The love of candles made me look into what’s used in candles that we inhale and let our children inhale the toxins in our homes
Petrochemicals are …

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